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The News Archive contains any information from our monthly meetings or web construction progress you may have missed. Also, if there were any pictures taken during the meeting you will find those here as well.
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 January 2018
Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce News UPDATES
Ken Ginefra - GCS Consultants Matt Jacobs - Innovation Fitness Solutions
Jerry and Vivian Vinci - Acu-Data Business Products, Inc.

Ken Ginefra
GCS Consultants

Ken discussed the importance of cyber security.

GCS Consultants
Address: 170 Kinnelon Road Suite 16
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
view website

Matt Jacobs
Innovation Fitness Solutions

Matt discussed the benefits of the programs at IFS and how they are tailored to each individual's needs.

Innovation Fitness Solutions
Address: 1574 Route 23 North
Butler, NJ 07405
view website

Jerry & Vivian Vinci
Acu-Data Business Products, Inc.

Jerry talked about the 40th anniversary of Acu-Data, the importance of loyal customers, and how printing has changed through the years.

Acu-Data Business Products, Inc.
Address: 1572 Rt. 23 North
Butler, NJ 07405
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Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2018!

Please join us Wednesday, January 10th at 11:45 pm at Lina's Restaurant for our monthly meeting.

Our spotlight speakers this month will be all 4 police chiefs from the Butler, Bloomingdale, Kinnelon, and Riverdale boroughs as our guest speakers.

Every month we host a Meet & Greet prior to the start of the meeting which runs about 30 minutes. So the meeting will officially start at 12:15 pm.

We also encourage all of you to bring along your promotional items. We hope everyone utilizes our chamber to help create new opporunties for their own business!

Welcome New Chamber Members

Paychex - Tricia Shea
Fair Lawn, NJ - view website

Family Carpets - Michael Slater
Riverdale, NJ

Minutes - Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce

November 8, 2017 | Lina’s Restaurant

In Attendance

Jamie Certosimo                       President                            Route 46 Auto
Lisa Bendel                               Vice President                   Park Lane Jewelry        
Bill Stanton                               Treasurer                            Columbia Bank
Elisa DiChristina, LCSW             Secretary                           GlowHouse Kids, LLC
Lina Pagliarulo                          Trustee                               Lina’s Restaurant
Lucille Brule                              Trustee                              Coldwell Banker
Jerry Vinci                                 Trustee                               Acu-Data Products
Vivian Vinci                                                                           Acu-Data Products
Sal Pagliarulo                                                                        Lina’s Restaurant
Denise Brewster                                                                   Bloomingdale Chiropractic
Deborah Antonowich                                                          Mary Kay
Beverly Sullivant                                                                  Kinnelon Reformed Church
Matt Jacobs                                                                          Innovative Fitness Solutions
Tim Merner                                                                           LDI
Tricia Shea                                                                            Paychex
David Donnamaria                                                               Dynamic Audio & Video
George Verile                                                                       Only The Best Carpet Cleaning
Pamela Slater                                                                        Family Carpets
Alexander Slater                                                                   Family Carpets
John Tully                                                                             Delta Strategic
Donna Schwarz                                                                    Treasure Hunt
Bernice Obendorf                                                                 Aging Well, LLC
Gary Garesi                                                                           Assisting Hands
Ken Ginefra                                                                           CGS
Mel Sherif                                                                              Minuteman Press
Todd N. Soltesz                                                                    Stickle-Soltesz Funeral Home
Stu Feldman                                                                         TechHoma Computer Services


The meeting was called to order at 12:09 p.m. by Lisa Bendel of Park Lane Jewelry with a salute to the flag.

The Tri-Boro Area Chamber Of Commerce Purpose was read.



  1. Paychex – Fair Lawn, NJ – Patricia Shea
  2. Family Carpets – Riverdale, NJ  - Michael Slater

A motion to accept new members was made by Lucille Brule of Coldwell Banker and Beverly Sullivant of Kinnelon Reformed Church.

A motion to approve the October 11, 2017 meeting was made by Gary Garesi of Assisting Hands and 2nd by George Verile of Only The Best Carpet Cleaning.


            A.  Member to member discounts


Treasurer, Bill Stanton

  1. CHECKING ACCOUNT BALANCE =  $  2,181.03
  2. PAY PAL ACCOUNT =  $ 3,247.46       
  3. TOTAL = $ 5,428.49


  1. Website Monthly Maintenance For November and December - $300.00

A motion for bills to be pad was made by Lucille Brule of Coldwell Banker and 2nd by Jamie Certosimo of Route 46 Auto.


            A.  Multi- chamber mixer event at Jimmy Geez from 6 to 830
            B.  Christmas Party
            E.  Honor our Veterans dinner


            A.  Election Chairperson Beverly Sullivant
                        Motions To Elect:
                        1. Jamie Certosimo of Route 46 Auto as President, motioned by Lucille Brule of Coldwell Banker and 2nd by Denise Brewster of Bloomingdale Chiropractic.
                        2.  Lisa Bendel of Park lane Jewelry as Vice President, motioned by Elisa DiChristina of GlowHouse Kids, LLC and 2nd by Jamie Certosimo of Route 46 Auto.
                        3.  Bill Stanton of Columbia Bank as Treasurer, motioned by Lisa Bendel of Park Lane Jewelry and 2nd by Jerry Vinci of Acu-Data Products
                        4.  Matt Jacobs of Innovative Fitness Solutions as Secretary, motioned by Lucille Brule of Coldwell Banker and 2nd by Vivian Vinci of Acu-Data Products.
            5.  Gerald Vinci of Acu Data Products as Trustee, motioned by Lucille Brule of Coldwell Banker and 2nd by Mel Sherif of Minuteman Press.
            6. Denise Brewster of Bloomingdale Chiropractic as Trustee, motioned by Sal Pagliarulo of Lina’s Restaurant and 2nd by Todd N. Soltesz of Stickle-Soltesz Funeral Home.


  1. Gerald and Vivian of Acu Data
  2. Matt Jacobs of Innovation Fitness Solutions
  3. Ken Ginefra of GCS Consultants


Jamie Certosimo of Route 46 Auto.

 At 1:15 p.m. a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by and 2nd by Denise Brewster of Bloomingdale Chiropractic and Gary Garesi of Assisting Hands.

Lunch Payments in Advance

You asked... we answered.

Starting this month you can send payment in advance for your lunch at our monthly meeting. We've set this up as an easy to use form which allows you to select how many attendees you wish to pay for. We hope everyone finds this useful!

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