24 Jun, 2020

Due to the threat of COVID-19 businesses and major events throughout the country were shut down. Trade shows and networking events were postponed. Many companies have put their promo marketing on hold until these events can resume. Some have chosen to send out emails or use social media to promote their businesses. Like us, you probably receive more emails than ever. Emails are easy to delete and many messages are never read. One thing that can't be deleted is a mailable promo product. Give your customer something tangible and they will, in most cases keep it for months and even years. You can use promo products to announce your reopening, a new product or service or just a thank you for customer loyalty. There are so many promo products that can be mailed inexpensively. Just a few suggestions: Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Pens, Letter Openers, Magnets, Post-it-Notes, Cell Phone Wallets, Lip Balm.


We have cartons of 5" x 7" padded self-seal mailing envelopes. The items above will fit into these envelopes. If you order  any promo product and you would like 5" X 7" mailing envelopes, we are offering them for FREE. They can be picked up at our Butler warehouse or shipped to you for just the cost of shipping.

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