19 Feb, 2021

I am a busy wife and mom, who also works part time but also finds time to enjoy life with many interests such as skating, skiing, gardening (I love my succulents) and just using my creativity to make the world around me more beautiful than I found it!
I love to paint and design spaces and I currently have a renovation project at home and I am loving the fact that I am filling my new space with these beautiful Scentsy items and sharing them with others!
I have really never seen a product like Scentsy that when shown to people, gets such a fun and excited response! I’m truly excited to be making time for this in my already busy life!

So its been two years since I decided to get involved in this venture, People often ask me why? Why focus on this? Why now?

My reason Why & Why Now...

Why? I wanted to focus my creative energy on building a side business & contribute something uniquely my own to my family. These unexpected perks of earning Free vacations have been a real treat for us!! Last year Scentsy took us to Victoria BC! This year we are off to Disney, courtesy of this fabulous company! In the last year my reason Why has been changing. I went from focusing on sharing these wonderful products to sharing this amazing opportunity with others. I have been thrilled to pay it forward by gifting the entire business to more than 20 new teammates using my rewards! Scentsy is one of the only direct sales companies that has a Free join option that can be earned with reward points! There is no monthly quotas. $200 in sales is a small requirement only 1 month every 12 months. No contract.

The Time Now!
People sometimes wonder how this is feasible? how do we make this work in our already busy lives? Believe me, I know! Homeschooling third and fifth grade boys has presented its challenges, but thankfully because of Scentsy, I can take a break from my job and be at home during these times. Anyone can be successful in this company given the right tools. It has become very rewarding for me to help mentor new teammates in their own journey as we work together for similar goals. There is an opportunity here if you seek it, having an e-commerce business is a fantastic alternative as either a full-time or supplemental income. We all have a reason why but many of my teammates reached out to me because they are simply looking for something to do, something positive to focus on, something to keep them connected and I can definitely relate to those reasons and many more....

When I found myself in the beautiful Butchart gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, I knew I had stumbled upon something special both there and in my life and I’m happy to share it with you! For more info reach out to me at 973-800-5806 or www.cyndifrank.com

This might be, Just for you !


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